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Best Free Blogger Templates, Premium Blogger Templates 2023

Make use of our Blogger themes and you'll start seeing results in as little as a few weeks.

Collection of our Blogger Templates

Free and Premium Blogger Templates, Responsive Blogger Templates & SEO Blogger Templates are all available for download.

What we do differently in our Blogger Templates?

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Fastest Setup

To help you get up fast, our templates provide one-button setup, import, and clear instructions with equipped tools.

Friendly UI

We give our goods' user interfaces extra consideration. Using our goods will seem natural and flexible.

Money-Back Policy

You don't need to worry if the product doesn't function. You can raise refund request within 30 days of your purchase.

Optimized Templates

The Templates available here impeccable and impressive in terms of their attributes. Each template comes equipped tools.

Advanced Features

A variety of versatile CSS tags are employed to create a sleek interface with enhanced template optimization.

SEO Features

We have previously emphasized the significance of utilizing top-notch SEO Friendly Blogger Templates.

Responsive Features

We utilized Flex and Grid elements extensively, which are the most cutting-edge and forward-thinking coding.

Customer Support

Our customer service is exceptional, offering outstanding features not only for premium users but also for free users.

Adsense Featuers

Our Blogger Themes are established with the aim of earning revenue from Adsense Compatible Templates to enable our clients.
Powerfull and Superior Features in our Blogger Templates
We craft unique designs with enhancement and optimization.
Why is the Blogger Platform superior with Edgy Templates?
Edgy is best in blogger templates because we provide some amazing features that are not available around the world we are providing high-quality blogger templates free blogger templates responsive blogger template

Blogger Purpose/Scope

  • Edgy is best in blogger templates because we provide some amazing features that are not available around the world we are providing high-quality blogger templates free blogger templates responsive blogger template quality blogger templates mobile design blogger templates and much more flexible. Our All Blogger Templates are Compatible with adsense

    In actual blogger is considered as that is not good for a professional website but this is just a wrong myth only professional templates can change your blogger templates website into a brand easy without doing a single line of HTML coding because our main motive and focus is only just dragged and drop and use easy shortcodes with the help of our these advanced js features anybody can install our template with the help of our documentation

Futuristic with Edgy Blogger Templates

  • Blogger is created only for writing blogs but with the help of advanced level schema Blogger Templates in designs we can turn a blog into the professional website
    like article website news website job website shopping website and much more
    Also there are various category available in website gym blogger templates, salon blogger templates, blogger templates, School blogger templates, home blogger templates property blogger templates, etc these type categories available blogger gives you are a free platform to publish your creativity and passion of writing on the internet and share it with anyone globally
    there are no extra charges in WordPress like hosting, plugins cost and other tools that we provide with our blogger templates free of cost including the template price not only can use the free template to getting that features free

SEO Friendly Tags

  • The Best SEO Tags has been implemented where the latest meta graph tags installed with some automatic features like auto thumbnail generating, auto meta description keywords generation where all the keywords and og:image like src URLs generated with the help of blogger conditional tags so that there is no need to edit for custom tags as we have discussed here

    Not Only this with the featured posts gadgets and default posts gadgets here auto-generating tags like alt, title, the permalink for ranking purpose so that google search engines can understand your website layout easily it will help to rank to your blog

Some highighting Featrues

Why blogger is better here are some following options you can take a look :-

1) Free of cost with Google security, and we all know that Google is a trust and brand So no Need to worried about your website.

2) Free hosting lifetime no charges for storing your data posts, images, pages, the cache also for backup.

3) Free platform no cost for plugins easy interface for beginner and professional both

4) Free dashboard panel with amazing features like layout pages post setting and much more features available which you can use on your website to handle and control easily

5) Attractive look in the layout where you can use your mouse for drag and drop the gadgets that are widgets (but remember only we are providing clean clear layout design templates)

6) The main dashboard for writing post is easily available in both HTML and compose layout mode there are various features available like making text bold Italic uploading video images inserting some special characters alignment of text left to right page break and much more these premium features available in free

7) Blogger gives you a way to explore your creativity make some source of income with your passion for writing in a blog

8) Now blogger is available in various languages like local and international both you can easily change from setting and language setting where you can set local time zone as per your country location

9) Blogger has a wonderful feature that is default comment widgets box you can turn it on from the blogger setting and your audience start commenting on your post and manage all these from one admin comment dashboard in your blogger dashboard

10) Not only default comment box we are also providing two extra comment plugins with our templates like Disqus and Facebook where it is very easy to set up you can refer to our documentation

In our templates, what optimizations have we made?
Blogger is created only for writing blogs but with the help of advanced level schema Blogger Templates in designs we can turn a blog into the professional website

High-Speed Templates

  • Nobody likes a slow website that's why the Optimisation is available in our template is just awesome. Maximum recorded speed in our blogger is 95 Mobile and 100 Desktop like You can run Our Official Website test which is also based on the blogger platform.

    For this kind of speed you need to more Optimisation

    Following the below step how this optimization work.
    1) the one and the only major thing is images which are using 80% data for Slow speed reason in your website, you have to use the "online bulk image compressor" tool which is available in Google

    in this tool you can upload your all images at one click and this website will give you option how much Optimisation in your images that quality you want to lose you need
    You can make up to 20% Optimisation in your images and that is the final result of 25kb per size image that you need to upload on your blogger website

    2) Unused featured widgets on blogger website, yes that's right truth that every user face problem for my website is very slow its speed is 20 30 and the reason they using too many widgets that are totally useless in your (if you think using 20 plus widgets on your blogger is important for you then this is the wrong platform for you)

    you must have to deal with the minimum widgets if you need speed like 1-second loading website.

    3) show a minimum number of posts on your blogger homepage like your recent post up to 6 and 7, also the number of featured post gadgets that you have used can be minimized.
    Try to avoid sliders in your templates because some speed has been restricted in that.
    ( as you can see the pagination that we used at bottom of the recent post slower the website too much.)
    Most of the templates have used load more because this JS is so light load post only on click.

    Further, if you want that your website should be Pagination then we are also using advanced level pagination that is work in something like this manner - when a user comes to your website they will see a load more post button at the recent post when I will click on that button they will automatically be redirected to a new page that is your www.example.com/search and in this page automatically pagination shows at the bottom of a recent post.

    So there we can see that the pagination script doesn't load on the homepage it will load only on the search page where it calls the scripts unless it's hidden on all other pages like Homepage, Post page, Static Page, Archive Pages, etc.

    We are working in advanced level to provide you a better service

    4) Ads Placement - this is a real and bitter truth that you should need to know always try to calculate your blogger website speed without Google ads and any other
    ad partners script that use on your blogger website because it's are much heavier and it almost kills your website speed just Suppose like that your website speed is 92 in mobile
    Google page Lighthouse test then suddenly you have installed the Google ads minimum about 4 ads, then your website speed is soon 25 in red danger zone why

    because these tools which you have to run Test calculate the actual loading of full blogger template that which is totally wrong in reality when somebody opens your website then website content loaded first after that the script is loaded and ads are running on your website.
    So please it requests when you are going to optimize your blog and testing that how much

    I do the Optimisation and best practice in my blog account always try to calculate all the speed landing page speed indexing speed on the basis of without ads then you can get a real data value also if anybody using desktop then there is a Chrome developer tools

    available you can right click and go into developer mode on your website homepage at the top right corner you can see Google Lighthouse test while running this test you will go to option check my website test without ads this will help you to calculate the original speed of your blogger website.

    We just hope that all the issues have been cleared in this article but that if you are facing any issues please you can feel free to write us on our email and social media

Simple/ Professional Templates

  • As we provide both simple and professional type blogger templates you can download and use as per your requirement

    that is suitable and fit for your blogger website we focus and consider every corner and section of a template where it should be proper navigation

    easy visibility and readability for the user that it should not penetrate their user interface in the

    simple template there is various designs available like
    1 featured post and other recent post section gadget and all the plugins are available in both simple and professional
    there is no restriction of our plugins that it will available on professional templates and simple templates
    these advanced Js Shortcode available in all templates and updated weekly in free and premium templates both

Light Weight Templates

  • In our professional templates, there are large designs like magazine newspaper and other portfolios which will complete and fulfill your needs according to your website requirement these templates are also optimized and fully responsive designs in these designs we create a great portfolio look which will enhance your website brand and make visibility on the search engine to beat your competitors and right easily drive more traffic making the brand presence on internet we are providing advanced level schema that we are already discussing above article

    Schema is the heart of the template which understand the whole website structure and layout framework
    That's why our main focus is schema it should be compatible according to the blogger template category layout we are also providing custom web design service and custom schema according to your need you can reach us and email us and we will further guide you.

AMP blogger templates

  • This wrong myth is just want to clear in your mind. Don't try to play with your blogger template website actually AMP is not available on blogger structured data framework but on the internet just for the sake of money biggest YouTubers making the review on AMP type blogger templates but this is totally useless they will impact your SEO and website downranking.
    AMP stands for accelerated mobile pages and that is available only on hosting website which is in our control by blogger has its own hosting and which is not in our control.

    But as we already discuss in a previous article that our official website speed is 95 on mobile and a hundred on the desktop through Google page Lighthouse test that is much faster than AMP you can also do the same Optimisation with the help of our templates and we will provide this service free only for premium users Optimisation while the free user can use our faster blogger templates on your website which will help to easily track your website on the search engine to beat your competitors for any questions and queries please contact us we are always ready to serve you better service help

Our Blogger Templates Systems Power

As you already know that we are only dealing with high-quality and professional blogger templates in our organization
we do not deal with the templates where the internal framework is weak.

All the designs are compatible and much powerful with any category type of blog so that
it can handle and call the data from your blogger dashboard that is your post pages images etc.

In the past couple of days 2018 - 2019, we are using the ajax function to call the data from the blogger feed
but this will create problem in some conditions like this blog is based on different
language like Japanese Chinese French, etc then some post of your blogger will not display on blog account.

Then again in 2020, we have launched a new switch case function script which is used throughout
our organization, and only one script which is under license creative common rights 3.0.

You can't imagine how powerful is this script to call the data from your blogger dashboard discrete can handle
any category type of blog in any type of language and in any type of certain condition

where junk is created into the post
This switch case function script can handle any type of HTML loaded post easily we also recommend if your blog is very heavy and you copy some HTML type large post then there is a different limit from blogger 1 MB page size to overcome this
you can use a page break at the center of your post no matter where is the center as you like his example in

HTML insert this is known as page break icon is available at top right corner you can hover the mouse it will show the page break option.

Not only this daily we update a new system of the framework and advance tags
which b: case b: else like functions which are futuristic in Blogger to overcome and increase the loading speed.

Now, in Most the Templates we’re also providing Dark mode Function in our
blogger templates which truly working with the local storage of the browser so that
when next time users refresh the page
or visit the website again the browser
will remember that this website is using a dark mode it should be turned on that
we use background js with the clean visible button on/off in the menu. There is no lagging in dark mode while refreshing the window
because the js used is powerful and capable to load either the dark mode is true or false
Also, you can adjust the Fonts Styles and Blog Colour easily without any single line of HTML line
coding we made this theme designer more easy and compatible with our powerful blogger templates.

The Navigation and Dragging of Each gadget are simple as powerful more visible widgets can be turned on/off
also Menu, Footer, Header, Wrapper, Post-Page Body Colors can be adjusted.
Also with our Documentation,
we provide each step well-maintained so that even a beginner can install our template easily

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