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Best Free Blogger Templates, Premium Blogger Templates 2024

Make use of our Blogger themes and you'll start seeing results in as little as a few weeks.

Collection of our Blogger Templates

Free and Premium Blogger Templates, Responsive Blogger Templates & SEO Blogger Templates are all available for download.

What we do differently in our Blogger Templates?

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Fastest Setup

To help you get up fast, our templates provide one-button setup, import, and clear instructions with equipped tools.

Friendly UI

We give our goods' user interfaces extra consideration. Using our goods will seem natural and flexible.

Money-Back Policy

You don't need to worry if the product doesn't function. You can raise refund request within 30 days of your purchase.

Optimized Templates

The Templates available here impeccable and impressive in terms of their attributes. Each template comes equipped tools.

Advanced Features

A variety of versatile CSS tags are employed to create a sleek interface with enhanced template optimization.

SEO Features

We have previously emphasized the significance of utilizing top-notch SEO Friendly Blogger Templates.

Responsive Features

We utilized Flex and Grid elements extensively, which are the most cutting-edge and forward-thinking coding.

Customer Support

Our customer service is exceptional, offering outstanding features not only for premium users but also for free users.

Adsense Featuers

Our Blogger Themes are established with the aim of earning revenue from Adsense Compatible Templates to enable our clients.
Powerfull and Superior Features in our Blogger Templates
We craft unique designs with enhancement and optimization.
Why is the Blogger Platform superior with Edgy Templates?
We create professional and highly optimised premium blogger templates that give you the best performance and seamless experience with the use of our free premium plugins without any investment and cost, easy to use and set up.

Blogger Purpose/Scope

Edgy Templates is best in blogger templates because we provide some amazing features that are not available around the world. We provide high-quality blogger templates that are much more advanced and easy to use and set up on your website. These designs can change and enhance your blogging experience. You can start using your custom ads or even Google ads with the help of our best-designed Adsense Friendly blogger templates.

In actuality, blogger is considered as that is not good for a professional website but this is just a wrong myth only professional templates can change your blogger website into a brand easily without doing a single line of HTML coding because our main motive and focus is only just dragged and drop and use easy shortcodes with the help of our advanced js features. Anybody can install our SEO Friendly blogger templates with the help of our documentations.

Even blogger is a free platform that provides so many features such as a creating custom page using premium plugins that we provide with our professional template. Also, you can create an unlimited post. You can manage its statistics. Even you can add or integrate custom third-party ads. Blogger platform gives you the freedom of right to publish your thoughts and share them with your audience all over the Internet.

Futuristic with Edgy Blogger Templates

Blogger is created only for writing blogs but with the help of advanced level schema premium blogger templates in designs we can turn a blog into the professional website like article website schema, news website schema, job website schema, shopping website schema and much more. Also there are various categories templates available such like as a health, technology, gaming, magazine blogger templates etc.

These type categories available blogger templates gives you a freedom to choose this platform to publish your creativity and passion of writing on the internet and share it with anyone globally. There are no extra charges such as the WordPress-like platform takes for hosting, plugin costs and other tools that we provide with our blogger templates at free cost, once you set up the blogger theme you can use our premium shortcodes and plugins with unlimited usage. We are providing the issue that these designs are fully responsive blogger templates where your blogger website works perfectly on all types of resolution devices such as tablets, mobile or even desktops.

SEO Friendly Tags

The Best SEO Tags have been implemented where the latest meta graph tags are installed with some automatic features like auto thumbnail generating, and auto meta description keywords generation where all the keywords and title tags will be automatically generated with the help of blogger conditional tags so that there is no need to edit or insert these important SEO tags manually into your website. Search engine optimisation is the measure factor that has been implemented very well to perform and rank your website easily with minimal efforts that you spent to set up on-page SEO and off-page SEO which are ready to use with these professional blogger templates.

In our latest blogger template, we have implemented a script that will automatically convert your heavy size images into webp format we know this is the next generation image format which will serve the images in very light size so that the website page will load faster and better in all network type conditions. There is no delay that your webpage will take time to load because of image takes half of the size and kills the website speed. We have fixed this issue in our all blogger templates. You can enjoy fast-loading blogger templates for your website and make your web page more lighter to gain more visibility and traffic.

Blogger Platform Features

As we know blogger is a better platform when it's a comparison with other platforms because they are very costly and not affordable for everyone. That's why everybody starts creating a website career with the help of a blogger platform. There are a few reasons why Blogger is considered the best platform because it's free of cost. There are no extra hidden charges that you need to pay to maintain your blogger website all posts and pages including images have been hosted on Google servers.

As we know Google is much faster and secure which is why the optimisation is that we can get into the blogger platform going to be brilliant. Once you set up the website, everything is easy with the help of our professional blogger templates. The interface of this blogger platform is very easy. Even a beginner can easily understand how to manage all things and important tools that you need to customise to enhance the website’s look and layout.

Customisation in Blogger

As we know bloggers provide you the freedom to write articles and publish, but we know that there are not many plug-ins that are available just like other platforms that provide premium costly plugins that we can use to create posts you will be shocked that we are the team of high-end develop developers to make it possible in blogger platform where you can use those premium plug-ins for your articles and website easily with help of our premium blogger templates because we have developed some advance plug-ins that are usable for beginner and professional both website owners that they can utilise these features in their website that is very easy to implement and set with help of well-maintained documentations.

Changing colours and font style becomes more easy. We have added an option in our theme designer where you can set up your custom font style that will implement it to your website automatically without implementing custom font scripts. The interface of customisation and editing is very easy and graphical with help of our mobile friendly blogger templates. No need to edit the blogger template coding part which is very difficult for beginners to understand template coding, then change the colour codes. You can easily customise and adjust your website homepage layout with a live demo graphical interface that will help you to understand where you want to customise and which section should be in that colour. We have created a group of options for the theme designer where you can understand changing and adjusting the colours easily.

Extraordinary Features

All the professional blogger templates that we provide here are up to date. We provide regular updates so that each customer can get a better responsive blogger template design for their blogger website so that they can make their website up-to-date with the latest codes and techniques that we have implemented to make a webpage more lightweight and search engine friendly which will help to rank your website much faster. Every month we update our designs, adding new features that will be provided to each customer manually through the email by which they have purchased our premium ads ready blogger templates. These updates are free of cost. There are no hidden charges that we will take during the updating of the blogger templates new versions. There are so many advanced features that are very smart and make the blogging journey easier and more convenient.

There are a few examples such as implementing a table of contents that applies to all templates with the help of just small shortcodes which will automatically make the pattern of your titles for your audience to understand each section and paragraph of your articles. Not only this there are various types of other features available such as postcards, post split, and custom ads shortcodes that become more handy to implement and insert into the articles. These plugins and codes are free to use and we provide our free responsive blogger templates for our users to utilise your website.

In our templates, what optimizations have we made?
Blogger is created only for writing blogs but with the help of advanced level schema Blogger Templates in designs we can turn a blog into the professional website

Speed and Performance in Blogger Templates

High-speed loading template is very important for website ranking health, within the time there are various types of changes that we have made to our fast-loading blogger templates which you will better performance when the theme is installed on your website and loaded on our visitor’s device, they can interact with your website within a short time without a longer waiting period.

This optimisation and enhancements create a better and more positive impact which passes good ranking signals to the search engine bots to crawl and index faster. All the premium blogger templates that are published are optimized to the next level. Even though we understand that many users upload images without optimisation them into a lightweight size, to resolve this we have added the advanced image optimisation by which your website images including the homepage and articles are served into webP format.

As we know the webP format is a new image format that is specially introduced for use for online websites by it will display in small pixel size with enough visibility quality. We take care of each blogger template by which each premium blogger template provides the best output results. By using our professional blogger templates you can get good ranking positions in search results so that it becomes easy to drive more conversion for your website whether it was created for ad impressions or sales, these premium themes work efficiently.

Simple and Professional Blogger Templates

We create professional and simple designs that are adaptable according with the website category and style these blogger designs are very simple and easy to customise and adjust. Even your audience will not be distracted when they come to your website. The proper navigation system has been installed which is easy to scroll and find out. there are various types of large magazine blogger templates has been creative. You can convert them into simple designs by turning off all featured sections. That's why we call our premium blogger templates adaptable easy to customise and change.

As we know simplicity is the best method to keep your brand more genuine and valuable. as we have seen various bloggers from different categories of blogs. Doing this mistake, they install multiple visits, making their website very heavy in size which will create a distraction for the audience when they load the webpage because multiple sections and digits that have been added make the website harder to load in quick seconds. That's why we always recommend every professional and beginner website owner you should recommend using a simple design and minimal features because the user wants to engage with your content not with your multiple visits which are useless only add those sections that are necessary otherwise, remove remaining widgets to make your webpage lightweight and load faster.

We know that when we create a website, we want to build a different and unique framework layout by which we can attract the audience but this can also make a great negative impact. If you add too many widgets, it makes the website too bulky. Always try to maintain simple and elegant colours that we provide with our default designed SEO optimized blogger templates because we take care every colour combination is properly matched, which will enhance the user experience, and not distract the readability and visibility for even lower vision users. The front-end look of the blogger templates has been designed with unique combinations and hard-working developer teams.

Deciding the best colours that will fit all types category blogs and give more impression to the audience. That's why before making too much customisation on your website. Always try to go with the default design and coloured SEO ready blogger templates. Only we do not want to restrict you that you should not make any colour changes to your website. Yes, we allow you can make customisations but it should be proper that your audience will not be distracted while they interact with your content or website.

Light Weight Blogger Templates

In our professional templates, there are various large designs such as magazine blogger templates, newspaper blogger templates and other portfolio blogger templates which will complete and fulfil your needs according to your website requirements. These professional blogger templates have been optimized to the next level along with fully responsive designs. In these premium blogger templates we create many great portfolios that will enhance and convert your website into a brand and make visibility on the search engine to beat your competitors and right easily drive more traffic making the brand presence on the internet we are providing advanced level schema that we are already discussing above article.

Schema is the heart of the template which understand the whole website structure and layout framework. We have added an advanced schema of framework structure that will help to make your website visibility, much wider and faster to beat the top search results. All these important meta tags have been added to the backend of our premium blogger templates. We can understand improving the search results.

The visibility of a website is very important. That's why we have added such important tags that will help and give extra push-up for your website to beat the competitors and rank your website on different keywords faster. There are multiple types of different category blogger templates that we have published. Here are fully compatible with the latest framework of schema structure that is necessary for every website. Doing perfect SEO is very difficult in the blogger template, but we have resolved this issue because we have already installed these important features within the template when you start using and installing these light weight blogger templates on your blogger website.

AMP and Optimization in Blogger Templates

There is a wrong myth that we just want to clear in your mind. Don't try to play by doing some legal experiments, with your website actually, AMP is not available on Blogger. The structured data framework of AMP is available on the Internet for blogger templates but on the internet just for the sake of money biggest YouTubers and bloggers making reviews on AMP-type responsive blogger templates but this is useless and not worth it to give genuine and original AMP results, these manually, inserted AMP framework blogger templates will impact your SEO and website downranking which will penalise search engines. AMP stands for accelerated mobile pages and that is available only on a 3rd party hosting website builders.

But in the blogger platform, we make it possible that we provide various simple blogger templates with minimal features that provide you brilliant speed on mobile devices or even on desktops. we have optimised our premium blogger templates where you can get better speed and optimised results which make your webpage lightweight and load faster. You can use these templates to enjoy the speed like AMP. Avoid using multiple sections and featured posts on your website to get better speed.

Many bloggers purchase and use our premium fast loading blogger templates. After that, they implement multiple widgets that will kill your website speed. Always try to maintain simple and minimal features in your website so that your content will be indexed by Google and other search engine faster and your webpages will be lightweight so that many search engine engines will prefer only those website websites having the best optimisations and light pages.

Before starting blogging a good quality optimised blogger template can change your blogging experience and give so much growth to your website health without using a perfectly optimised blogger template, you will never get good growth and success for your website performance. Various terms should be taken carefully before selecting a good quality SEO Friendly blogger templates that can help to drive more traffic to your website.

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