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Upgrade Edgy Template Files Online

First of all thanks to you for using our premium product, now in this blog, we will learn how to update your template file easily without any trouble and queue on Support. Remember only premium customers can update their file, (for the customers who purchased our premium product by direct payment method in WhatsApp and Facebook-type social media accounts they can receive their update direct on their email by contacting us)

1:) First of all, visit the link official 2Checkout payment gateway, partner https://secure.2co.com/myaccount/ After opening this customer dashboard enter your email id or order ID and tap on the access link as shown in the below screenshot
(Please Enter only that Email id which is used During Purchasing of Our Products)

edgy help

2:) Open your email id and you will receive a one-time login link tap on that to open your to 2Checkout dashboard easily, ( it's your choice you can also set up a password, email login)
edgy help

3:) Now this link is valid for some hours, just open the link you will see your purchased premium products detail, Tap on My Products > Click on Template Name > Click on Download As shown in the below screenshots (Remember Always Click On Download)

 (Remember when updating or downloading a file in your blogger dashboard template the old changes that you made in your blogger template will be lost)

There is a limit that you can download templates from your 2checkout dashboard after expiring the download link you can also make Upgrade at the top click on the upgrade option. This will renew your subscriptions (if you didn't want to make an upgrade but needs the Download button again then please contact by email only, we will renew your subscription so that download buttons will appear again ).

Further any issues and problems please contact us.

*Last Updated: 19/December/2021