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Speedily - Superior & Elegant Blogger Template

Speedily is fastest blogger template Because of the things we've discussed, website speed is the time it takes to load web pages but we optimize our blogger templates to load faster, see them in a browser, and respond to user activities once a link is clicked. Visitors judge the performance of your blogger template sites based on what they immediately see on their screens, therefore this word should not be confused with "perceived performance" (which may not necessarily load first). Because these are two distinct but equally significant ideas, you should always use the techniques below to enhance the speed and perceived performance of your blogger template sites in the browser.

Features :- There are several blogger templates that influence the time it takes for each page on your site to load in blogger, there are numerous measures you can take to improve your blogger site's performance and user experience. We'll go through how to do a blogger template speed test correctly, as well as various tools you can use to monitor the speed of your blogger template and track any improvements.

Fast & Responsive :- If you want the greatest results, make sure you are using our blogger templates because we correctly optimized, rather than merely doing a Google page speed test and optimizing for things that aren't beneficial to your business at all. The final conclusion is that you should not use Google's page speed test to determine how well or poorly your site is doing because real-world experience is different. To begin, use the Google Test My Site tool to evaluate your page performance, not real-world data, so that use our blogger template to get great results.

SEO Optimized :- Mobile device tests will reveal how your blogger site works when accessed from a smartphone or tablet, which is often at a slower pace and with fewer resources. Google offers its own speed test tool, Google PageSpeed Insights, which assesses page performance for mobile and desktop devices to help you optimize the speed of your blogger website. Google Page Speed Insights is a Google tool that lets you assess the speed of your blogger template site.

Proper documentation :- Speedily has the most detailed documentation. Everything from scratch is covered in the documentation. All of the Speedily details are explained in the documentation. Support

Support :- Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we work hard to achieve it. We are always there to help our customers. Speedily is fully supported by us. Premium users can easily contact us via Whatsapp and email for assistance with any issues.
Search Engine Friendly Template
Putting some effort into your posts and website isn't enough if you're not employing an SEO-friendly template.
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Fast Loading and Lightning Speed
Our templates provide a faster loading speed for your website, as well as a high performance score.
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Advance SEO Meta Tags Pre-installed
Although Blogger has an SEO plugin similar to Wordpress, we are always distinct from other developers' fully integrated SEO tags.
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Ads Ready widget section in Layout
Placing advertisements on your site might be a pain, but we've made it simple with our pre-installed ads area, which displays adverts at the ideal location.
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Multiple Languages Supported template
Our template supports many languages from different nations, and all of the designs are versatile and easy to utilize.
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No Encrypted Scripts Clean & Pure
A simple and clean website template with easy navigation, no hidden coding, and no scripts that slow down site rendering.
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Advance Theme Customisation Designer
We make it easy to customize your blog, such as changing the color, font styles, and widgets, all in one location.
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Better Customer Help Support
We recognize the importance of the effort you put into your blog, which is why our support team is always here to assist you.
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- Template Details -

Name: Speedily Blogger Template
Free Version: Available
File Type: Zip File(with Doc txt.)
Compatible: Both Desktop/Mobile Version
Released On December 27, 2021
Last Updated December 27, 2021
Update Template Check Here
Fast Loading Check Here
Full Responsive Check Here
Mobile Frendly Check Here
404 Error Page Check Here
Google Schema Check Here
Advance Posts Share Supported
In Articles Ads Supported
SendinBlue Subscription Box
Advance Author Box Tested
Website Platform Blogger
Disqus, Facebook, Bloggers Comments
Theme Details: - HTML5 , CSS5, Js
Extra Features: - Creative Style, Elegant Effects
Template Features Free Premium
Web Documentation
Video Documentation
Piki Post Shortcodes
100% Responsive
One-Click Dark Mode
Sidebar Block Posts
Fast Loaded
SEO Optimized
Left/Right Sidebar
Auto Translate
Full Width
Boxed Mode
Awesome Ajax Mega Menu
Custom Featured Posts
recent, label, random Support
Posts b/w Ads
Comments System
Cookies Consent
Lifetime Updates

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- v.1.0.0 (27 December 2021) - Initial Stage Release - Update Download Featured section - v.2.0.0 (04 January 2021) - Added On Scroll load gives faster speed - 85+ Speed Recorded in mobile premium version - Added New image optimization script - Added New 2.0 Piki Shortcodes - Added New Download/Buy buttons
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